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May 14, 2013
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Mizu No Gakuen: Noel Revamp yo by Kou418 Mizu No Gakuen: Noel Revamp yo by Kou418
:new:[[Edit]] I FINSIHED HUFF- Remember that time I'd give a haircut. laffs nop that didn't happen.[[End]]

Thank thee Rose I love you-

laffs what did I do to my babu


Name: Tayuki Noel (Pronounced: No-El )

DOB: December 23

Age: 18 (let's just say his birthday past huf-)

Height: 5'7 ft

Weight: 61 kg

Year: Senior

Level: E-Expert--

+ Food desu
+ Sweets
+ Horror
+ His younger sister
+ His sleeping bag--
+ Swimming, of course~
+ Water
+ Warmth
+ Kawaii desu things
+ Huggus <3
+ Color!~
+ His parents * 7 *
+ Drawing (but he's terrible omg)
+ Floating in the water with his face in the pool and his back to the sun~
+Jokes and pulling pranks
+ His friend, Aoikawa Yuki (ASdfgh Jean's uper duper kawaii son huee
+ Animals
+ Making things
+ His hamster, Jibbles, and his cat, Nibbles
+ Singing (He's pretty good, but he doesn't sing because he says, "It uses too much of my energy and breath. //ming"

- His sisters "Okatu" side-
- Really cold places (He gets cold easily-)
- Celery
- The dark
- Sales people (He flusters and doesn't no how to reject their offers- |D //looksatmyself)
- Long lectures
- His cat trying to eat his hamster
- Hoomeworkrkrd
- Writing
- Sunflowers

When he was younger, Noel was a stubborn and short tempered brat. But now, he's still stubborn, though now Noel is very clumsy and airheaded. Well, at least he acts like he is. He isn't very good at keeping track and reacting to things. He's clueless all the time, and is constantly dazed. He's optimistic by nature, and he's always seen with a dreamy smile on his face. He gets flustered over simple things, though he covers it up with a slap-happy laugh... and he tries too hard to be manry. He's open to new things, but he's bored with details easily. Noel is usually always happy, hiding the times when he's sad with a smile, and very easy to approach. He doesn't get jealous easily, but he tends to get on peoples bad side. He likes to hug people, but that's only when he's cold (which is all the time)-- He's very carefree and lazy, and isn't easily angered, for sure. He will love everything and everyone, including me--//slapped/ He keeps to himself, and if you ever tell him a secret, he'll keep it locked up and won't tell a soul. He talks a lot and starts to ramble quite easily.
He sleeps almost anywhere/anytime when he's tired, and he brings around food everywhere he goes. He hides pieces of candy/lollipops in his sleeves or pockets, sneaking something to eat in class or anywhere else. Noel likes to goof around and tease people, but he tries not to go overboard. He doesn't think winning is everything, but having fun is the most important thing of them all. Even if he places second, third, or even last, he'll always keep a smile on his face since it's all about having fun and enjoying the moment. He hardly ever snaps or gets angry. He tends to run away from his problems, but he usually tries his best to fix them.

You could say he was from a happy and a quite rich family. Though when he was six, his fathers business got bankrupt, and their stability on money went drastically low. His mother, a songwriter, worked harder while his father became a part time cashier. It was a lot more difficult for the family for they had a new born baby at the time. Noel's parents weren't home often, and so he had to take care of his little sister. His little sister, Yuka, became quite fond of him. While Noel studied at home (they couldn't afford to pay for Noel's school fees), Yuka read almost all the manga's Noel owned. Yuka became obsessed with bishies and reverse harems and such because of that. He also had an elder brother named Jude who was five years older then him. The two were inseparable. When their father became a secretary for a successful business, they spoiled the three kids rotten. Noel just wanted to go back to school, but Yuka wanted clothes. Cosplay clothes. For her bestest friend, Noel. Jude had nothing against his cute little brother dressing up. She'd dress him up whenever she got the chance. Noel refused for quite a while, but he quickly gave in to his cute sister.
On Christmas Eve, Jude was in a terrible car accident. Noel was only 10 at the time. Jude died almost immediately after getting hit, and the last thing Noel saw before the bright lights of the ambulances was a lone sunflower, growing across the street. (I didn't make this detailed because I want you guys to find out before I add more! * V *)
(When he was fourteen, he was playing around with his sister in the pool on a cruise, and he met Aoikawa Yuki. They quickly became friends, and Yuka never liked him-- He started to really love swimming, but he was at a rebellious/depressed stage at that age and--) In the middle of middle school, his neighbour got a small pool outside their backward. He went over quite often to play. That's when he finally started getting interested in swimming. He started going to the public pool often, and became better and better. He took some lessons, but he mostly self taught himself while watching others swim and looking stuff up on the internet. While surfing on the web, he managed to stumble across Mizu no Gakuen. Of course, he desperately asked his parents to attend that school. His parents couldn't decline, for it was his only hobby and activity he actually enjoyed. His father allowed him to transfer to Mizu No Gakuen, but his mother was worried that he couldn't make much friends since he's transferring into his senior year.

Additional Information:
✎ He snaps when he sees sunflowers-
✎ Noel almost drowned once when he was swimming out in the open waters but was rescued by his bro//oceansea-//, which is the main reason why he learned how to swim. He may love water, but he still has a small fear of the sea/ocean.
✎ He has a shark tooth necklace around his neck that was from Jude, his brother, that he never takes off as a Christmas present. He got a few cuts and scratches around his collarbone because of it.
✎ His hamster roams around freely in the house. Dun step on it, amigos.
✎ He lies down on his bed, wiggles into his sleeping bag, then covers himself with a blanket-- As I said, he gets cold easily |D
✎ His bed is large, so his lil sister sneaks into his bed-
✎ He makes creepy stuffed animals. idek-
✎ He loves kids, but he gets flustered around them so..//sob
✎ Noel tries too hard to be me. Nuff' said. (In other words, he tries too hard to be manry like Kou. Hmph. I too manry for chu)
✎ His sister (who is practically unscarable) jumped out of Noel's closet after they watched a scary movie, making Noel scared of closets and the dark. He secretly has a nightlight shhh--
✎ Even though he's afraid of the dark, he loves the night sky and having a night stroll. With his sister-- //his sister is 13//
✎ He finds rain romantic-
✎ He has a birth mark on his bu-- left knee.
✎ He got the piercings and the tattoo when he got begged by his neighborhood buddies to go with them.
✎ He learned karate and other martial arts (even kendo), but he never liked it so he quit. Doesn't mean he didn't learn anything though huehuehue--//hit
✎ He learned English and a bit of Korean from his grandpa and grandma. His grandma was American and his grandpa was Korean on his fathers side.
✎ He has a large, long scar that goes down his knee.

RP stuff:
✎He likes being fed like a baby-
✎Noel is a "horny" person when drunk.
✎His little sister picks out his clothes.
✎He actually attended a elite private school when he was in middle, and had a full scholarship to a private high school overseas. ButhenolikeprivateandattendedacheaphighschooluntilhetransferedtoMizuNoGakuen-
✎ He'd talk to his brother in Korean, since no one in his family, (except his Grandpa and his father, but his father forgot mostly everything). It was like a secret code language for them.
✎ He changes (clothes) quickly for he doesn't want anyone to point out his scar.
✎ When he was in Middle School, he'd get into fights often and skip classes regularly. Andhedatedquitealotbutgotdumpedinlessthanaweek-
✎He seems to have trouble getting back up when he fell down, probably from laziness.
✎Dislikes being called "Rich Kid."

★ Just met | ★★ Acquaintances | ★★★ Friends | ★★★★ rEALLY GOOD FRIEnds Bestfrands5ever | ☆ Half-star thing-

Okazaki Akira = "He's nice! I really like his hair! He seems really mature, even if he's a freshy! I'd like to be closer as friends!" ★★

Mai BaoXing = "He's super duper shy~ Plus, he likes kitties! I should show him Nibbles someday! I think we're pretty close as friends, yeah? He's real nice too!" ★★★★

Elliot Ken Mamoru = "I saw him at the library~ He seems really nice, and someone who likes to read books! I hope we'll be closer as friends!" ★★

Ramen Pierce = "I really, super duper really, want to be the bestest of friends with him! He's really kind too~! He get's along with Oroka well, so I like him!" ★★☆

Ryou Oroka = "Orochan said he'll be friends with me!~ Oh goody!~ I hope I don't annoy him- Let's be good friends from now on, yeah?!~" ★★★

Aoikawa Yuki = "Yucchan!! My sweet childhood friend! Real fun to hang out with! We're roomies too, so I'm glad we can hang out more! He really likes whales~" ★★★★

Alastair Fraser = "Al! He's super tall, even though his face is all cute and adorable like my sister's! Al is quite strict and stern, but he has a kind side! I really want to get along better with him!~" ★★☆

Shimizu Shou = "He's super duper cool! He bought me pudding and onigiri! Plus we like manga~ He's really nice too! I think we're good friends!~" ★★☆

Sada Yoshito = "He's quiet, but that makes me feel relaxed around him! He seems nice too~ I hope we become closer as friends! I'll try not to shoot you with a water gun...~" ★★☆

Benedetti Leon = "Leon!~ He's really nice, and he helped me when I was in a pinch! Plus, he's really tall! I wish I could be as tall as him! We met each other when he had the field trip to the Aquarium, and now we're good friends! I-I hope-" ★★★★

Ahlberg Rune = "Oh~! Rurucchi has real nice hair! It doesn't seem like he likes it though, but I think it's real cool! Maybe I should style it that way... Nah, my hair wouldn't cooperate! He's a cutie patootie and reminds me of my little sister! I hope we'll be closer friends in the future~" ★★☆

Neumann Alphonse = "He's super duper sweet, and my lil' sis seems to like him quite a bit! That's a first. Huehue- Alphie is really carefree and friendly~! And tall too- We're pretty good friends, yeah?~ " ★★★★

Oshiro Natsuki = "Natsuki's the same height as my little sister!~ He's super duper cute and adorable! Plus, his hair is fun to play with!~ I just want to pick him up and cuddle him all day! And he's also adorable when he's mad too! Shh-" ★★★☆

Matsuda Ryuumei = "Ryuuchan is really kind!~ Plus, I like his hair! So many people with nice hair~ He seemed to get along with Tako too! It'll be nice to get to know those two better~!" ★★☆

Furutachi Takoro = "He seems to get along with Ryuuchan well, so I hope we can be good friends too! Plus plus, his name can mean Octopus or Tacos. Octopus Tacos!" ★★☆

Matsushita Sadao = "He seems really, super duper smart! He was all, study study with furrowed eyebrows~ But he seems nice, yes yes! I could go to him for help when I have trouble with my homework!~ I hope we'll get to know each other better~!" ★★


Okay. I'm done. I swear, I will draw a decent picture for you guys that isn't an app. I need to draw anyway or I'm going to get kicked out of some of the groups I'm in LOL Myteacherisgivingusanotherprojecttomorrow--SAVEME.

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